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Salvation, Welcomes everyone! You are free to roam this entire site, To endure full privileges to viewing the pages in which are not displayed to non-members, simply sign-up at the top of this page! We will accept everyone and anyone who is signing-up so don't feel obligated to bring requirements to our site. Enjoy and if there are any problems on any of the pages or harrassment then mail one of the Admins. You can find the Admin list on the Admin Link in the Nav-bar directory at the center most top of any page. Thank You.



1. There is to be no vulgarity at all on any post or even throw mail, unless of course you are repeating what another site member has said to you, if you are reporting them.

2. Guild Members MUST sign up using there Play online name that is currently in the Main Guild.( For furthur instructions contact Fallronce in the Game )

3. If at any time there is fighting, threatening, or vulgarity going on in this site all people's involved will be terminated unless you can prove you did nothing wrong.

4. ANYONE and everyone MUST listen to the directions, rules, and news of a site Admin.

5. Do not in any which way talk back to a site admin or you will automatically be terminated from the site and not allowed back in.

6. Never Speak about a member to others, about a subject or matter that is confidential.

7. HAVE FUN! and Enjoy the site!
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